Your Children’s Birthday Party Questions Answered!

It is time once again to dive into our grab bag and look for simple answers to common questions. It may not surprise you to learn that parents come up with these by the hundreds: everything from gifts to guest lists continue to provide grist for parents in the blogosphere, and we are always happy to bring you the best of the bunch. This recent piece on kids’ party etiquette gets many things right. Our favorite part:

When do you serve a meal vs. snacks? According to Suzanne Wind, author of The SMART Playbook: Game-changing life skills for a modern world, it really depends on the time of day. If you’re planning a party during a mealtime, you should serve a meal. It’s that simple. “Most people today do expect you to serve some type of lunch or dinner food before the sweets,” says Wind. “Pizza works. If it’s a morning party, it could be bagels. But always be considerate and serve some type of meal before the cake.”

Amen. This is one of many reasons we serve outstanding and nutritious fare at our family-friendly restaurants throughout Los Angeles, Glendale and Topanga: everybody’s a little happier when they are fed. Nowhere is this more true than at a party, when food may represent your one chance to relax and socialize with other grown people. Want to plan a children’s birthday party right? Call the experts at Giggles N’ Hugs.