More on Birthday Party Etiquette

Last week we dove headlong into the world of birthday party etiquette. This week a new piece caught our eye: a discussion of some things adults should know and do at children’s birthday parties. You know the people we’re talking about: those enormous, hulking ones who tend to congregate awkwardly around the edges of your child’s party looking for undiscovered wine carafes?

This post is for them: a list of cardinal sins that includes classics such as “showing up with uninvited siblings” and “not RSVP-ing, but showing up anyway.” Probably the biggest crowd pleaser is this:

4. Staying when parents aren’t invited. “This especially applies to older kids,” says Donna Jones, author of Raising Kids With Good Manners. If the host has made it clear that this is a “drop-off” party, don’t linger around.

There’s a reason there is no wine at that party: there aren’t supposed to be parents at that party. We know its fun to hang out and socialize, but just remember that party-throwers may be on a budget built for little guests before you attack the veggie plate.

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