How to Throw a Great Los Angeles Kids’ Party

It is widely known that kids’ parties are often considerably more fun for the child than the parent. The reasons aren’t always what you think. Yes, noise and chaos play a role, as does the general overwhelm one feels when faced with many dozen guests of varying ages. But this list catalogs some of the other reasons many parents need a timeout after a big birthday bash, including: -The Cost -The Goody Bag -The Food You get the idea. Children’s birthday parties are a tremendous time commitment, and a considerable expense, and unfathomably exhausting. Which is why so many parents reach out to Giggles N’ Hugs every month to host a party at one of our birthday party locations in Topanga, Glendale, and Los Angeles. If you’d like to skip the hard stuff and move straight to cake, bath and bedtime, we’ve got you covered. With birthday party themes and ideas for every age, as well as full-service food, entertainment and more, you simply can’t throw a better kids’ party anywhere in LA. Go the easy route. Start here.