Third Birthday Party Tips and More!

Third Birthday Party One of the terrifying and wonderful things about being a parent is how fast everything seems to change. One minute you think you’ve got this bedtime thing down, and the next they’re out of the crib and running rampant through your life. The same holds for children’s birthday parties: what worked at age two is often a bust at age three. That’s why at Giggles N’ Hugs, we are constantly on the lookout for smart good birthday party ideas for every age. In that spirit, this week we present: how to throw a great third birthday party. For reference, consider this page on Pinterest, which is stuffed to the gills with good ideas on themes, cakes and party favors. Our favorites are the Blow-Pop bouquet and DIY kids’ birthday crowns. Both are just exciting enough to please the older set, but neither requires getting paint all over the premises. And if you want to cut down on all the sugar in those lollipops — go for an organic option such as these. Do you want to throw the perfect third birthday party in Los Angeles, Topanga or Glendale? Call the party pros at Giggles today.