Fun Birthday Ideas for Your Child

There are as many birthday ideas for your child as there are hobbies on the planet. We all know this, and yet the search continues apace for that one stroke of inspiration that will make your party an All Time Favorite. Probably this is why you clicked on this post: few feelings are more satisfying than discovering a perfect roadmap to kid party bliss. As usual, we can only open the door for you: you must walk through it. This week we have highlighted a few favorites from around the Web. Because it is That Time of Year, we cannot help but point you to this Pumpkin Patch theme, which comes complete with an ingenious scarecrow party dress and plenty of cupcakes. You may also enjoy the Cookie Monster theme. Come for the giant blue head, stay for the signage. And then there is this endlessly charming Old Fashioned bash, which turns your celebration into a Rockwellian time capsule, including soda fountains and bowties. For more great birthday ideas for your kid, contact LA’s favorite kids’ birthday party places today.