Throw a Perfect First Birthday Party

There are roughly as many ideas about how to throw a great toddler birthday party as there are toddlers. Every year it seems we see news stories such as this one, which document the push and pull of American culture as it trends toward opulence while managing a significant backlash.

Celebrities and royals seem to lead the charge toward greater extravagence in birthday party themes and venues, including some events that top five figures:

One New York City mom told ABC News she spent $10K on her daughter’s first birthday party, and that she had friends who spent double that amount. Julie Lam, owner of Mini Fetes in New York City, said an average first birthday party might have between 50 and 60 guests at a cost of $50 to $75 per person.

Wedding, anyone? Obviously there is a better way, especially in a world of very young children who literally do not know or care how much their guests cost per head. Our advice is simple: make it memorable, make it easy, let the parents have fun. And spare yourself the headaches and hassles of hosting at home.

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