Your Complete Los Angeles Kids Party Guide

Not every Los Angeles kids’ party works out quite as planned. Given the many wrenches this city can throw into your plans – from excessive heat to deadly traffic – it’s no wonder so many parents find the experience stressful. A few quick tips can help you create a checklist of good planning choices and smooth the path to party bliss. Here are some of the best reminders we’ve come across. Think Food This is paramount. Parents who drive an hour with kids who miss their naps do not generally love the sight of half-eaten mushroom pizzas and a flip-top veggie platter. Find a restaurant you love and see if they do birthday party catering. You’ll get something far closer to a real meal – and lots of grateful guests in the bargain. Go Entertainment These days a whole ecosystem of clever and delightful entertainers are available for LA kids’ parties, including jugglers, magicians, DJ’s, balloon artisans, face painters and bubble wizards. Ask your kid what she loves, then look for a great price on a recommended performer. Find Room to Play Strange but true: many parents still believe they can host 15 toddlers in a living room built for four. Avoid this mistake at all costs! If you don’t have a giant yard with plenty of climbing structures, opt for a park or an indoor playspace instead. Your upholstery and the family pet will thank you. Consider the Logistics Weather. Parking. Location. These things can become low priorities as families search for the perfect party venue at the perfect price. But trust us when we say that there is no such thing as a perfect venue if it is a day trip away. Stay centrally located, make sure people can park nearby, and always have a backup plan in case the weather blows out the candles an hour too soon. Consider the Parents Parents matter. It is all too easy to focus on entertaining the kiddos to the exclusion of all else, but the fact remains that you will likely have several larger guests at the party as well. They deserve something better than standing around clutching their kids’ half-eaten snacks. Pick out some great menu items for the folks, and see if you can secure an actual entertainment supervisor to keep the kids busy while the ’rents get comfortable. Remember the Cleanup This is a big one. The party may be over when your guests leave, but the work most assuredly is not. If you’re hosting a party in a home or rented public space, you are responsible for the herculean task of removing cake and streamers from every corner of the premises. Most indoor playspaces and birthday party venues take care of this for you, meaning you can actually pack up and leave like everyone else. We’re the Los Angeles Kids’ Party Experts It occurs to us now, rereading this list, that every item on it describes Giggles N’ Hugs to a tee. (Go figure!) We are truly proud to have been named the #1 Birthday Party Destination in Los Angeles by the good people at Nickelodeon, and this checklist is the reason why. From great food and classic entertainers to easy parking, play and cleanup, we offer everything you need to make your child’s big day a total success. Want to get started right now? Contact the party professionals of Giggles N’ Hugs today.