More Great Los Angeles Birthday Party Ideas

Los Angeles Birthday Party Ideas It is a fact of modern times that celebrity kids’ birthday parties are often a bellwether for the rest of the country. As Apple Martin or Suri Cruise goes, so go delighted children everywhere. We like to keep up with these parties, and not just because so many stars love Giggles N’ Hugs. Some of the most innovative bashes in LA feature great ideas the rest of us can use and steal, including party themes everyone will enjoy. This latest piece about Jennifer Hudson’s 5-year-old son’s party is a perfect example. Stocked with favorite characters from the Nickelodeon family of entertainment, the event was widely hailed as a SpongeBobby success:

Jennifer Hudson recently threw the mother of all Nickelodeon-themed birthday parties for her son David Daniel Otunga, Jr., who turned 5 on Aug. 10. Iconic characters such as SpongeBob Squarepants and four heroes in a half shell made an appearance.

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