Is Smash Cake a Thing?

Every once in a while, new fads come along that seem designed to confound and delight in equal measure. Witness the rise of the “smash cake,” a small, lovingly crafted cake made specifically to be destroyed by the baby at your birthday party:

“Typically when you have a smash cake, you have two cakes,” Rachel Florio-Urso, a celebrity baby trend expert, told “You have one for the adults, and they get to eat it with a nice fork and a knife, and then you have one for your little one, and you just get to put them right on their high-chair tray and let them have fun with it.”

Now, far be it from us to judge those who want to give their little ones the satisfaction of crushing something into mulch. But there is something to be said as well for simplicity: a single slice of the communal cake will typically suffice just as well.

Either way, there is no question that first birthday parties are messy events, and that anything you can do to help the kids have a blast will make everyone’s day brighter. You can even host your children’s birthday party right here at Giggles in LA, Topanga or Glendale – and make sure it’s a smash hit.