Hassle Free Los Angeles Birthday Parties for Kids

Let’s face it: hosting a birthday party is a little like hosting a zoo. Between the messes, the crises, the screeching, and the exotic odors, you could be forgiven for wondering whether your home will ever be livable for human beings again. There is an easier way. Giggles N’ Hugs is home to vast, exhilarating indoor play areas, droves of top-flight children’s entertainers, and delicious birthday food for every age group. We were named LA’s #1 Birthday Party Destination by Nickelodeon because we pull all these things into party packages that are as affordable as they are easy to plan. Check out our complete party page to learn more about how you can lock down all the great stuff Giggles has to offer with a single phone call. We can even bring the party to you through our popular Giggles To Go birthday party catering service! Keep your home human-friendly. And leave the zookeeping to us.