Giggles N’ Hugs Named a Favorite Stock

Some of you may know that Giggles N’ Hugs is a publicly traded company. We moved quickly into this space because of a groundswell of support, and because of glowing press mentions in a number of media outlets. Families and caregivers who enter our kid-friendly restaurants are often blown away; many ask about investing on the spot. This week we were gratified to be featured in this longform article about wise investments. The piece the many of the things that make our Los Angeles family friendly restaurants so special, including great food, active play, and some of the best kids’ birthday parties in the country:

It’s not just the menu that makes GIGL a compelling and unique investment, however. The play itself is healthier. Whereas the average Chuck E Cheese is geared up to encourage kids to play video games or skill games on their own, win tickets, and exchange them for prizes, the play at Giggles N Hugs is physical activity…. ball pits, bouncies, and climb-ons. The employees also host story time, and a trained attendant is always around to facilitate fun and fair play-time.

Giggles is rapidly expanding, and we are always thrilled to add more names to our roster of shareholders. Contact us to learn more about investing here, and remember to come back often to support this beloved brand that is destined for national success!