More First Birthday Party Tips

It’s that time again, when we scour the Web for birthday party ideas you and yours will love. The latest collection can be found here, and focuses on the cutest and most chaotic party of all: the very first one.

Throwing a first birthday party for a one-year-old can pose several challenges, including questions on invite lists, treats, entertainment and supervision. Yet all those things fade away when you begin to imagine some of the lovely touches you can add to this milestone, including pirate themes, animal themes, cooking themes, and construction themes. The article also gives our favorite advice of all:

Keeping the little ones happily entertained is the key to a good time. For toddlers, designate a large, kid-proof play area to serve as the “Royal Fortress.”

That sounds like a pretty good description of Giggles N’ Hugs, LA’s #1 Birthday Party Desination, does it not? Start your planning process here and we’ll walk you through the rest.