Expert Tips on Celebrating Your Child’s 2nd Birthday party


Two isn’t one; let’s dispense with that right away.

Two-year-olds are generally walking (if not sprinting), and they are just learning to play together, rather than in parallel. Two-year-olds have many more words than they did a year ago, and may even understand in broad terms what a birthday is, why it’s special, and what they want.

In other words, this is a whole new ball game.

Many experts have chimed in on how to throw a party for the big oh-two. Some of the best tips we have run across include commonsense gems like this one, which remind parents that food is complicated when you’re this small, and that safety must always trump whimsy:

If you’re feeding your guests lunch or dinner, small portions work best, like sandwiches shaped with cookie cutters, English muffin pizzas, bite-size pieces of fruit or cooked veggies, small crackers, and cupcakes. (If you’re mainly feeding adults, it’s easiest to plan a simple meal for them that can be fed in small pieces to the children, too.)

This advice, too, will hit home for many parents, who may be wondering how a party works with a dozen or more small people who barely know what friends are:

As he heads for his second birthday, your toddler will probably be clingy and dependent one minute but mobile and freedom-seeking the next. While he’ll happily play alongside other children, your toddler won’t yet understand the give and take that is a necessary part of interacting peacefully with other kids.

One of the easiest ways to cut down on stress and create a party that is stress- and mess-free is to farm out most of the planning responsibilities. Many indoor play spaces and family friendly restaurants offer comprehensive birthday party packages that take the guesswork out of staples such as cake, activities, entertainment and food. Some of them even offer detailed themes for parents who want to go that extra mile. (Some of our favorite 2nd birthday inspirations can be found here.)

The final word: fill the time, keep the kids supervised, and make sure everyone feels safely exhilarated throughout. To learn more or get started today, you can plan your second birthday party in Topanga, Glendale or Los Angeles right here at Giggles N’ Hugs.