Are You Cutting Your Cake Wrong?

As Southern California’s resident birthday party experts, we cannot simply let slide this sensational story of cake-cutting intrigue. As many outlets have reported, a new argument has arisen that blames our radial-wedge method for dried out leftovers and generally unsatisfying dining.

The key, says the expert? Cut parallel lines through the center of the cake, then remove the resulting slab and push the two halves together until the next cut – the better to preserve moisture, pressure – and, one presumes, delight, wonder and good health.

Does it work? Who can say for sure? The debate will rage on, but one thing remains clear: cake cutting is about far more than preserving the integrity of the filling. It is also about joy and fun, and about finding exactly the right fraction of your name to devour in front of everybody.

In other words, cake cutting is a matter of taste. Much like the cake itself.