More Fun Birthday Party Themes

Another week, another influx of great ideas for your child’s Los Angeles birthday party. In our ongoing effort to scour the Web for cake-building and treat-crafting genius, we have come across this listicle with a few winners in the bunch.

Our favorite: The Teddy Bear Bash, in which everyone brings a stuffed friend, and everyone leaves with a new stuffed friend, and along the way numerous activities revolve around all things bear, plush and adorable:

This included a game of “hide and seek,” bear-themed coloring pages, and a “pin the tail on the bear” game that the clever mom made out of construction paper. An adorable bear cake was served with gummy bears galore . . .

It’s tough to find a toddler anywhere in Southern California who does not enjoy the company of a cotton-injected friend. Parties like these have the added benefit of being gender-neutral and filled with imagination – a perfect combination for the pre-K set.

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