How To Plan a Fifth Birthday Party

Turning five is a milestone. For many of these kids, it is their last birthday party before heading off to kindergarten, which means it’s one of the last times they can host a bash for all their preschool buddies.

Five-year-olds don’t need a lot of prompting to do what they do best – run around, devise games of extraordinary creativity, and find every last scrap of food in the joint. Maybe this is why so many parents lose their stomachs for homegrown parties by this age – a gaggle of small children can quickly go critical and exceed any attempts to contain the fun.

We can help.

Giggles N’ Hugs’ award-winning birthday party locations offer space, food, games, and play areas with slides and zip lines. And we can also do this:

To make it easier on yourself, you could hire an entertainer. Kids this age will do best with someone who has a mix of tricks up his sleeve: a puppet show, face painting, and balloon animals. Five-year-olds are more comfortable than younger kids with characters in costume – many will have visited theme parks where they took a picture with Mickey Mouse or Snoopy. . . .

Characters and themes are no problem. Do yourself a favor and contact our #1 Party Places in Los Angeles, Topanga and Glendale. Your five-year-old will never forget it.