Add an Omelet Station to Your Kid’s Party

kids birthday party omelet station
Kids love to cook. But one thing they love even more than cooking is directing the process from on high, choosing their favorite ingredients and watching with delight as an entire plated dish comes together.

In this spirit, we humbly remind you that all of our famous LA party packages can be supplemented with an omelet station. This means that your child and all her best friends can throw together eggy confections on the fly. Think ham, turkey, cheese, spinach, and anything else they’d like. It is our high-protein spin on the age-old sundae bar, and an easy way to keep your guests entertained as they eat.

Do you want to start planning a kid’s birthday party in Los Angeles, Glendale, or Topanga? Contact our crack team of party eggs-perts here and let us do it white. No yolk.