Why Hygiene Counts at Los Angeles Birthday Party Places

It is a sad but true cliché that some indoor play spaces tend to be just a little lax on their cleaning protocols. Highly trafficked areas such as these tend to be heavily inundated by germs and pathogens, espcially given all the chaos that brings children into every nook and cranny of their play structures.

At Giggles N’ Hugs, we take sterilization and hygiene very, very seriously. It’s how we can comfortably recommend that your children come play on our various wooden, metal, and vinyl surfaces – and how we know every child will have a clean experience in the house.

Here is just one mildly hilarious example: one of our managers, Courtney, recently became stuck while trying to fully disinfect a hard-to-reach spot at our award-winning Glendale location. That is dedication.

clean parties at giggles n hugs

Whether you’re throwing a children’s birthday party or just planning a play date, do your guests a favor and keep it clean. It makes it so much more fun to make a mess.