A Clever Idea for Meaningful Party Presents

There is a familiar rhythm to the ritual of gift-giving at children’s birthday parties. The shopping. The wrapping. The amusingly awkward hand-written cards. And then, later, the frantic opening, the excitement – and the rapid abandonment of 90% of what the kids receive.

Isn’t there a better way?

One startup is aiming to make everything just a little bit easier – and teach some nice habits in the process. EchoAge collects digital money transfers from each guest’s parents, apportions a nominal fee for itself, and then divides the rest of the pot in half: one half goes toward a single, big gift your child actually wants, and the other half to a charity your child chooses.

No paper, no toy stores. Just an easy transaction, a new approach, and a lot of meaning for families to whom this kind of gesture appeals. To us, it sounds pretty great.

As long as there’s still cake.