To Goodie Bag or No? A Birthday Rant

A recent clarion cry over at The Stir urged moms and dad everywhere to forego what has become one of the essential ingredients of modern children’s birthday parties: the goodie bag. Author Adriana Velez makes a valid and occasionally hilarious point, namely that the vast majority of goodie bag items inevitably end up in the trash.

Not that the kids don’t love ’em, of course. And yes, there are some parents out there who cherish these little rituals, and who put some genuine thought into each baggie’s contents. For them Velez makes an exception:

If you get all giddy picking out those little deely boppers and carefully placing them in little bags, great. Good for you. But if you’re sick of all that, I just want you to know: You’re not alone, and this is your get out of jail free card. Liberation!

Here at Giggles N’ Hugs birthday party central, we understand this impulse entirely. In fact our entire philosophy of children’s parties is about striving for permanence and quality over throwaway junk – and junk food. Thankfully the author manages to hit upon precisely what we believe:

Last year’s party was all about DIY stuffed animals, so every kid got to take home their own plushie. It was a fun activity, and the take-away was more substantial than the usual airplanes, bouncy balls, and stickers.

Amen. Our LA kids’ birthday party places come complete with themed activities that reflect the things your kid loves best. That includes craft stations where guests can make something a bit more permanent than a trinket.

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