Release the Stress of Planning Your Toddler’s Birthday Party

Those of us who scour the Web daily for signs of birthday party angst homed in this week on an unfortunate advice column. Seems a mother planning her son’s first birthday party was feeling a bit…overwhelmed by some outsized expectations:

Dear Carolyn: I’m prepping for my son’s first birthday party (next weekend) and battling anxiety about wanting everything to be “PERFECT.” It’s going to be at our house with mostly family – they are all crazy and stress me out. My husband keeps telling me to chill and enjoy myself … easier said than done.

The columnist gives an answer that borders on impatient, but the sentiment is spot on: There is no such thing as perfection when it comes to parenthood. Far better to play to your strengths, enjoy the moment, and forgive yourself when things get a little messy. They always do.

We’d add just one more tip to the mix: Why not release yourself from the obligation of hosting in your home? If the idea of watching your living room get torn asunder by tiny hands doesn’t quite comport with your notion of “good times,” you can always visit a local birthday party venue instead.

We just so happen to offer a variety of children’s birthday party packages in locations throughout Los Angeles, Glendale and Topanga. Which means you can get started today by reaching out here. Just remember to take a breath before you call.