How to Defeat Children’s Birthday Party Dread

Another week, another harrowing first-person account of throwing a birthday party for a young child. This recent article describes the particular agony of planning for twenty or more small children:

The thought of having 15-plus children running around my home for two hours is enough to fill me with dread. Gary is an only child. I can cope with one. Any more than that I find difficult to manage.

We know how she feels. That’s why all of our Los Angeles children’s party places come with every last thing taken care of, including activities, food, themed decorations, of course the sine qua non of children’s parties: entertainment. Here’s the article again:

Last year, for Gary’s fourth birthday, I made the terrible mistake of waiting to book professional entertainment until a couple of weeks before the big day. To my dismay, all the clowns and magicians had been long booked up and nobody was available at short notice. I had to do all the games myself, huffing and puffing until I was red in the face.

Never again, said I, as I sat down with a huge glass of wine once everybody had left.

There is a better way. Speak to the kid’s birthday party experts at Giggles N’ Hugs and you can actually enjoy the big day alongside your child.

Happy birthday.