Further Ranting on Allergies at Birthday Parties

This piece in the Huffington Post may well be what the kids today call “trolling,” namely intentionally provocative content designed to bait people into responding. Then again, it may well resonate with some parents. The thesis is simple – that forgoing all those allergy-sensitive foods just so that every child at a given party can have precisely the same experience means we lose something as well:

It makes sense to ban certain items when children are too young to ask and avoid foods that they might have sensitivities toward. But once we cross a threshold, personal responsibility and parental education need to come into play. I agree that a teacher should let all parents know about any life-threatening allergies in a classroom. However, my kid shouldn’t have to forgo his birthday cake because yours can’t eat it.

There is an easy solution. Save yourself the headache of navigating that tree nut minefield by outsourcing your party cuisine to the pros.

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