The Critics Love Our Los Angeles Kids’ Party Venues

Los Angeles Kids’ Party Venues
We are often told by people searching for information on “kids’ party places in Los Angeles” or “kids’ party venues in Los Angeles” that they usually find the Giggles brand somewhere near the top of any search. We’re edified to hear this, of course, especially given the Web’s democratic voting process for choosing popular favorites.

But we’ve also noticed something equally nice. Many of the other top-rated review sites for kids’ party places highlight us as well. You can practically click anywhere among the best review sites on the Web and see Giggles listed as a local favorite by parents and their birthday boys and girls.

Check out these mentions on Red Tricycle, Venyooz and Macaroni Kid for a quick sample of the many reasons Giggles was named the #1 Birthday Party Place in Los Angeles by Nickelodeon.

And when you’re ready to plan your own birthday party in LA, Glendale or Topanga, just start here. We’ll do all the heavy lifting.