When Los Angeles Kids’ Party Places Go the Extra Mile

There is a fine line between hosting a birthday party and throwing a birthday party. One means providing a space and some light. The other is an art form.

Los Angeles Kids’ Party Place

Great children’s party venues represent an easy way to bridge the divide. Parents these days have enough on their beleaguered plates without having to feed, delight and entertain fifteen or twenty kids, and good venues often bundle in everything they need. That means everything that makes a children’s birthday party great – food, themed decorations, activities, entertainment, goody bags, even music.

At Giggles N’ Hugs, we go even farther. Our parties are often cited for their astonishing attention to detail. We’ve hosted jungle safaris with actual animals and created events themed around toys that have been out of stock for twenty years. And we accommodate all our guests with gluten-free food, kosher options, even beer and wine for the grownups.

We even throw in the invitations (see above).

It all adds up to a one stop shop for party-throwing glory. If you’d like to schedule a memorable birthday party for your favorite boy or girl, just contact us here today. Let’s cross that fine line together.