When Kids’ Birthdays Overlap with Holidays

It is a familiar dilemma for children and parents alike: What to do when kids’ birthday parties overlap with major holidays?

At least one community of social workers seems to have reached a consensus: Keep your child’s day special if at all possible:

“Even in the midst of all the craziness of the holidays, stop and make sure your child is the most important person in the world on his or her big day,” Meer said.

Buying multiple presents for one person at the same time of year can tax a monthly budget. But kids might feel bad if it happens, as was the case with Linning so many years ago.

Those emotions can be worsened if the child has siblings with birthdays at other times of the year, Meer said.

Of course it stands to reason that having your cake and presents folded into a national holiday celebration is pretty much the antithesis of a “special day.” Which is why we especially like one suggestion:

Decorating a bedroom or even just the bedroom door can be a fun way to make a child feel special, he said. Letting a child choose a favorite restaurant for dinner is another good option.

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