The Art of Kids’ Parties in Los Angeles

Let’s face it: we don’t exactly live in the tundra. Here in Los Angeles, kids’ birthday parties tend to be a bit easier to pull off than in, say, the Upper Peninsula. But this region still has a few challenges all its own, and mastering these is the key to throwing a perfect Southern California party year-round.

Herewith, our tips to hosting one of the best kids’ birthday parties in Los Angeles:

Remember the Weather

“L.A. Story” to the contrary, we do, in fact, have seasons here in Los Angeles. Granted they may be a bit milder than their East Coast counterparts, but the fact remains that winter evenings can turn icy cold and summer mornings can bloom boiling hot. So think ahead when choosing a birthday party venue, and opt or indoor fun if you suspect Mother Nature might want to crash your party.

Humidity is Overrated

Children’s birthday parties need food. But what makes great birthday party food in Florida won’t exactly fly here in LA, where the air can be uncommonly dry. Stick with prepared dishes that everybody loves, make sure everything is made fresh to order, and try a few simple tips to keep produce from wilting away in the desert air. Also remember for your guests: Water. Lots of it.

Traffic Bites

Nothing spoils a Los Angeles birthday party faster than an endless trek up the 405 at rush hour. Seek out party venues which are centrally located and easy to navigate, and try to pick landmarks that everybody knows. Your guests, your planet, and everybody’s gas bills will thank you.

Park Place

Same thing here: no party venue is complete without ample and convenient parking close at hand. Nobody wants to spend forty minutes circling the same block in a ragey haze, and no birthday boy or girl wants to stand in the doorway watching friends pass helplessly by in a loop. Larger destinations are usually a safe bet for parking, as they are typically built to accommodate major crowds.

Giggles N’ Hugs Does Children’s Birthday Parties Right

Let’s take a look at that checklist again. With popular locations in Century City, Topanga and Glendale, it turns out that Giggles N’ Hugs fulfills every item on the list! (How did that happen?) We offer huge indoor play areas and incredible kids birthday party packages. And every Giggles destination is located at a major shopping center with ample parking and easy access. No wonder we were recently named the #1 Party Place in Los Angeles by Nickelodeon.

Are you planning a birthday party in Los Angeles, Glendale or Topanga? Call or contact our peerless party planning experts here today.