Raising the Bar On Children’s Birthday Party Food

This recent HuffPo article caught our eye. Written by a mom who makes no apologies for her healthful choices, the piece deftly describes just how outsized and sugary our expectations have gotten when it comes to children’s birthday parties:

I’m not against cake. Or cupcakes. But I’m not interested in teaching my children that we celebrate with copious amounts of junk food. Instead, I want them to remember their birthday parties as a special time in which they gather with family and friends who made a big deal about them. Not the junk food.

We couldn’t agree more. Giggles N’ Hugs has been repeatedly named the #1 Kids’ Birthday Party Venue in Los Angeles for a number of reasons, but one of the big ones is that we offer a more sophisticated take on traditional kids’ birthday food. We offer organic and gluten-free items, cut the sugar considerably, and give kids and parents alike plenty of delicious choices with an extensive menu.

And here’s the thing. Time after time, parents who host their children’s birthday parties at Giggles tell us that nobody missed the sugar or the junk. If anything, our parties go unusually smoothly without all those sugar crashes to turn play time into meltdown central.

As the author put it, “Kids can and do love foods that aren’t the dumbed down, plain, overly sweet and processed options we continue to serve them. If we raise the bar, and expect them to rise to the occasion, they can surprise us.”

We see it every day. If you’d like to book a party in Century City, Glendale or Topanga, please contact the Los Angeles children’s birthday party experts here today.