An Expert on How to Throw Your Child’s First Birthday Party

(Huffington Post)

(Huffington Post)

Here’s an article that’s sure impress and appall you all at once. The HuffPo recently published an event planner’s take on her child’s first birthday party. A professional event planner, that is.

The results were, predictably, insane:

Decor: We played off the owl theme and used rustic tables with moss centerpieces and wove the owls in different sizes into the centerpieces themselves and then used ribbons in different shades of purple, white and green to hang around the party. We also incorporated flowers on the tables and coordinated the chairs and table linens to have a similar color scheme. We also used mini nests and eggs to be decorative touches for both the dining tables and serving tables tying together the owl theme.

The author goes on for several sections like this, detailing everything from choosing the perfect birthday party theme to incorporating a DJ, magician, and so on. One of our favorite tips: “Pick a menu that is filling but doesn’t feel like a huge meal.”

Now. We know that most people’s immediate reaction upon reading this will be some combination of revulsion, envy and helpless laughter. But our point isn’t to arouse parental discomfort; it’s to underscore that there is an easier way to accomplish all those impressive things.

Let’s review how Giggles N’ Hugs birthday parties stack up against the pros:

-Immersive themes? Check.
-Stimulating décors? Check.
-Outstanding professional entertainers? Check.
-The best birthday food in Los Angeles? Double check.

So if you don’t happen to be a professional event planner, take heart. You can contact the award-winning party venue that Nickelodeon recently named The #1 Birthday Party Place in Los Angeles, and get your child’s perfect day handled with a single phone call.

Giggles N’ Hugs. Party on.