Why Kids Need Exercise

The evidence is mounting. Exercise – you remember exercise, that thing most of us used to do all day? – turns out to have a great number of health benefits. Studies suggest that daily exercise builds cognitive skills, reduces obesity, and teaches kids how to cooperate and imagine.

But of course, schools are cutting down programs like recess and PE, and parents have noticed. Here’s NPR in a recent news story:

Fifty-six percent of parents say their elementary school kids are getting just one or two days of physical education a week, according to a poll NPR conducted in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health. . . .

More and more, Carson says parents and educators are starting to “think beyond the gym walls,” and come up with ways to fit in exercise before or after school. One idea is to have teachers integrate physical activity into math and reading lessons. (Emphasis added.)

Even the CDC has jumped into this debate, offering some strong recommendations:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, kids should get at least one hour of physical activity a day, including aerobic exercise (such as running), muscle-strengthening exercise (such as pushups or gymnastics) and bone-strengthening exercise (such as jump-roping or running).

One easy way to include every kind of recommended exercise in your kids’ lives: find somewhere your kids love to play. Indoor play areas such as Giggles N’ Hugs give the whole family a chance to escape and enjoy great food while the kids run around like crazy, taking advantage of features such as ball pits, slides, climbing structures and more.

And with three locations throughout the Los Angeles area, all of which convert into wildly popular kids’ birthday party venues, we’re proud to give our loyal customers something we all used to take for granted: a place to fall back in love with exercise. Every day.