Not All Los Angeles Kids Birthday Party Venues Are Created Equal

Let’s talk about kids birthday party venues in Los Angeles. For many parents, choosing the right venue can mean the difference between spending a cluttered and chaotic day at home and enjoying a clean, pleasurable event in a great locale. But how can you find the right combination of space, amenities, food and flexibility? Read on for a quick checklist of what to seek and what to skip.

Let the Kids Roam Free

There aren’t many guarantees in the world of children’s birthday parties, but one you can always count on is running around. No party is complete without fast-moving bodies. Parks and beaches are great for this reason, but they tend to suffer from a problem we’ll call “infinite space, infinite spread.” With few boundaries and plenty of acreage to patrol, some parents find themselves running far and wide to collect their kids. As a wise person once said, “Parties will expand to fill the space provided.” (We’re paraphrasing.)

The solution: Find a space that’s big enough for running, but small enough that you can keep your eye on all the fun and games. Some of the best indoor play areas in Los Angeles feature rides, climbing structures and more, but include the added bonus of all-weather access and easy visual supervision. That’s a win-win.

Give the Kids Activities

Running around is fun for thirty minutes or so, but eventually even kids get a little tired of it. That’s why the best party venues in LA include lots of guided, planned activities to keep everyone happy and engaged. At our own family friendly restaurants, expert staff members lead the crowd in everything from Simon Says and dance parties to themed events such as treasure hunts and even petting zoos!

Everybody’s Happier with Great Food

Food seems to be an issue at many birthday party venues throughout the region, yet it’s arguably the most important guest at the party. Too many parents go all out on cool themes and memorable entertainment, then simply grab a pie from the local pizzeria. Offering your guests a truly delicious, filling and desirable menu is an easy way to keep everyone happy and energized – and to thank the parents who are kind enough to stick around and lend a hand.

The famous Giggles N’ Hugs menu is so popular for kids’ parties that we even offer a Party To Go option, including exclusive birthday party catering for parents who want to enjoy our fantastic, locally-sourced options at home.

Don’t Forget Those Parents

And while we’re on the subject of parents: they have needs too. Seek out venues with actual, grownup food options, as well as beer and wine, and you may find yourself fielding far more thanks than usual! And don’t forget to fulfill what we’ll call the Parent Trifecta: comfortable seating, time to relax, and audible conversation. Your friends may just adore you forever.

The Venue Makes the Party

Your kid’s birthday party should be fun and memorable, not stressful and forgettable. Pick a party venue that meets this list and you can rest easy in the knowledge that your kid, your guests and your friends are all having a grand old time. Especially since nobody has to help clean up a thing. Contact us here to plan your Los Angeles kids birthday party today!