Get the Most Out Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Kids’ birthday parties have come a long way since the days of sheet cakes and pointy hats. Today it has become practically obligatory to throw in a theme and make that party truly personal. With this in mind, we have created a quick primer on a few popular birthday themes, and how you can accomplish a lot with a little – and a little elbow grease.

Pirate Birthday Party

Easy. Classic pirate hats are available all over the Web, and you can add a mischievous, nautical touch by hanging red and black streamers everywhere. Add in some inflatable toys such as boats, sharks and octopi. And for that final detail – arm every kid with a telescope made from a cardboard tube, and a map that leads to untold riches in the form of candy and favors. For an extra dash of doubloony excitement, get some chocolate gelt and send every kid home rich!

Princess Birthday Party

The perfect princess party begins with great invitations. Pink construction paper, glitter and a handmade signature will get everyone in a fancy mood. For the food, consider indulgences like strawberries dipped in chocolate, and champagne made of apple juice in plastic flutes to give the whole day that royal flair. And for party favors, grab a few dozen plastic tiaras at the dollar store and set up a craft corner where the little ones can decorate their own as favors!

Arts N’ Crafts Birthday Party

And speaking of arts and crafts, there are few things more satisfying for kids than making a mess. Invite your boy or girl’s friends to make their own versions of what the birthday kid loves, be it cars, dinosaurs, fairy wands or horses. Set aside a couple of tables, grab some washable paints, glue, scissors and paper, and create “stations” so the kids can move down the line assembly-style and come out with a new favorite toy.

Dress Up

Great dress-up kids party ideas can include anything you desire. We’ve seen themes as diverse as playing cards, Middle Earth, and zoo animals, to name a few. Secondhand clothes are a nice way to fill your dress-up chest with amusing possibilities, and you can also buy entire costume sets from any toy store. Just remember: once dressed, the kids will need something to do. Consider creating a simple fairy tale or detective story, and “cast” it to take that birthday party to the next level!

We Do Kids Birthday Party Themes

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