Check Out the Best Children’s Birthday Parties in Los Angeles

los angeles birthday parties
Options. Sometimes they are a welcome addition to your planning process. Other times they are an albatross.

Here at Giggles Birthday Party Central, we get it. That’s why we offer just a few simple ways to make your child’s birthday party one-of-a-kind. Our package options include a couple of tiers and a few ways to rent out our award-winning Los Angeles birthday party venues.

We’ve put together this quick cut-n’-save primer to make choosing even easier:

From Duchess to King

Our party packages come in a few forms, depending on what kind of food you desire for your kid’s big day. The basic Duke and Duchess bash includes pizza for all and an entrée salad; Princes and Princesses get four entrees and a pair of sides; and Kings and Queens get the works, including starters, sides and entrées for the grownups, and entrées and sides for the kiddos. Dessert comes with every package, and grownups can get beer and wine tickets too!

You can also choose to have make party Semi-Private or Private. Semi-Private reservations set aside space for everyone you have coming, even as the restaurant and playspace remain open to the public. A Private party is exactly what it sounds like: You and your guests get the run of the place, including all rides, games, activities and facilities.


But Giggles N’ Hugs is more than just a place for food and festivities. We’re also an entertainment hub! When you book a party here, you can secure the many people who make our nightly activities such a hoot, including our favorite magicians, DJs, puppet show players and balloon artisans.

Book Your Los Angeles Birthday Party at Giggles N’ Hugs

Summing up once more: we’ve got you covered. We can do special themes, set up bespoke activities, even figure out the permits for jungle parties and other unique party ideas. To speak with one of our birthday party experts today, please contact our Los Angeles, Topanga and Glendale party professionals here.