All the Details on Our New Glendale Location

It’s official! The latest in our award-winning line of family friendly restaurants and Los Angeles kids’ party venues has opened, and the press release has been well and truly released. The number of the day is 6,000, as in that’s how many square feet of games, activities, healthy food and birthday party ideas we have filled to delight the families of Glendale, California.

Our Glendale location carries over many of the popular features that have made our Topanga location such a success, including a ball pit with zip line, climbing pirate ship, multiple slides and rides, nightly entertainment, and a selection of organic and gluten-free foods to delight any family. Best of all, the entire location offers lines of sight from every table, ensuring parents can keep an eye on every playdate and party while they sip wine and enjoy artisanal creations such as goat cheese and eggplant paninis, fresh bruschetta and more.

All the details are here. Read the whole thing for a quick primer on what makes Giggles N’ Hugs such a special destination for every age. And as always, feel free to contact us with any questions at all.