6 Tips for Los Angeles Birthday Parties

Let’s face it: Los Angeles birthday parties have entered an arms race. What began a generation ago with backyard streamers and rented entertainment (one clown is plenty!) has now graduated into an opulent frenzy to source acrobats, balloon artisans and label musicians.

Here’s the good news: you don’t need to spend a few months’ salary to make your child feel special on that special day. The clever and frugal among us have devised any number of lovely, enjoyable and meaningful touches to make any kid’s party a bash to remember. Read on for some of our favorite tips.

1. Shop Once for Everyone

Allergies are a consistent stumbling block. The sheer diversity of dietary restrictions within a single invite list can drive some homespun cooks to distraction. Thankfully you don’t need to create separate items and menus for everyone with a special restriction. You can cut out most of the uncertainty by sticking with a few staples: gluten free pizza, diary- and egg-free chocolate cake, and a number of fruits. For more pressing concerns, encourage parents to bring their own treats – and an Epi-Pen to make sure their tykes are as safe as possible.

2. Let the Kids Do the Cooking

The only thing kids like more than eating is cooking – especially if it’s messy and delicious. Consider DIY pizza parties and cupcake decorating to keep all the children occupied with visions of tasty treats dancing in their heads. Even a basic sheet cake divided into sections can transform into a canvas for a dozen edible artworks.

3. Games, Games, Games

Yes, most Los Angeles children are content to run around in a circle and slowly lose their minds. But throwing in a few structured activities never hurts. Some of our favorites include the Pretend Sleepover, wherein all the kids bring flashlights, decorate stuffed animals and enjoy a quick lights out on the floor; the Dance Party, a classic which can be enhanced with a simple light kit; and the Treasure Hunt, where you and the birthday boy or girl devise a map that guides everyone through a few safe parts of the house.

4. Go Delivery

Birthday parties can be pricey when you buy everything a la carte, but one of the surest ways to simplify your life is by opting for an all-in-one package from the LA birthday party pros. We offer an easy way to bring Giggles’ award-winning food, entertainment and supervision into your home, freeing you to actually speak with your guests and enjoy the fun. Check out our Los Angeles birthday party catering details.

5. Arts and Crafts

Kids love to come away from a party carrying something they can have and use. Try setting up a station to decorate some flip flops with stickers and fabric, or buy a bunch of blank T-shirts and fabric paint for a fashion jamboree. Creating a time and place where kids can create their own party favors also saves you money on those goodie bags!

6. Curb the Cleanup

What do you do when your house is totaled in the aftermath of a great party? The best cleanup tip is the one you do before the party begins: plan. Lay out table cloths, opt for paper products, and consider using Sterno pots instead of your own cookware to keep everyone fed.

Here’s the point: What do you remember from your childhood birthday parties? If you’re like most people, what you remember most vividly is whether your friends had a blast. You can give your kids the very same gift by creating parties that are fun, active and stocked with delicious and nutritious dining options. And if you’d like to do it all with maximum ease, you can always throw a party here at Los Angeles’s Number One Birthday Party Destination. We’ll even do the dishes.