Los Angeles Birthday Parties for Your Sanity

We believe our role in the universe is to delight your family and make life a little easier. That means giving your kids access to some of the best indoor play areas in Los Angeles; stocking the entire family with kid-friendly restaurant food; and highlighting every visit with great events and activities.

But there’s one more thing we do to make your life easier: kids’ birthday parties. We’ve heard from countless parents that Giggles parties are among the finest in the land. (This may be why Nickelodeon named Giggles N’ Hugs LA’s #1 Kids’ Birthday Party Destination!)

Now science has chimed in as well. This recent piece from NBC’s Today Show covers a disquieting trend: parents who try to outdo each other with increasingly elaborate DIY parties. Here’s Today:

Drawing on a 15-year analysis of ads in the parenting magazine, Melbourne’s Child, and a series of interviews with moms who had hosted a party for their child between ages 5 and 7, the study found that women are underestimating the enormous time and effort these “do-it-yourself” birthdays really take them— and underplaying how stressful this degree of party customization can actually be for mothers.

There it is, folks: proof positive that you can go way too far in your well-meaning efforts to throw the most epic birthday bash on the block.

We’re here to help. When you throw a party with Giggles, we take care of every last detail – food, favors, decorations, entertainment, themes, you name it. What you get in return is something increasingly rare these days: a chance to be present and experience actual joy at your child’s birthday.

So give us a call. You can book a birthday party in Los Angeles, Glendale or Topanga. We’ll host your big day here, or bring the party to you through the catering magic of Party-To-Go.

So click here. Start now. Science says so.