Great Nutrition Makes for Great Times

You’re a parent. You already know that what your kids eat can make all the difference in how they behave. Too much sugar can spin a peaceful outing into a cascade of meltdowns, while too little protein can have essentially the same result.

Most kid friendly restaurants focus only on the here and now, pushing thinly disguised junk food in an effort to placate young people who only want sugary treats. The result, ironically, is often a less fun time for all – including some miserable, after-effects.

There is a better way. Nutritionists broadly agree that balanced snacking and better meals can translate into all the things that make play worthwhile – more alert brains, more active bodies and happier people:

“There is a difference between mindless and purposeful snacking,” said Angela Lemond, a Dallas dietitian and childhood-nutrition spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. “What a child eats and how much they eat for snacks has a huge impact on their overall nutrition.”

At Giggles N’ Hugs, we are proud to offer the kind of food that makes no compromises. Kids love our healthy pizzas and pastas, and parents simply adore the strifeless evenings that follow. Add to this our award-winning indoor play areas and never-ending kids’ activities, and it’s no wonder Giggles N’ Hugs remains a top choice for busy parents throughout in Southern California.

Nothing tastes quite so sweet as good health.