Singing N’ Storyland at Giggles N’ Hugs

Here it is, the very first installment of Hug Highlights, in which we bring you a hearty hello and a hot heads-up on some of the most anticipated events at all of our SoCal locations! We’ll be posting these rundowns once weekly for your enjoyment.

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On with the show(s)!


This week we’ll be continuing the proud tradition of Family Trivia Night and Kid Karaoke, the latter of which promises to be yet another Twinkle Twinkle Fest for the ages. Boundlessly cute, with lots of singing, dancing and prizes for the star of the show.


Dive into your favorite stories with a week of meet ‘n’ greets with the likes of Snow White, Minnie Mouse and Sleeping Beauty! If your little ones love to reach through that TV, here’s their big chance. And don’t forget to prep that pompadour for our GREASE Dance Party this Wednesday. Summer Lovin’ all around!

More to come. Till then: See you at Giggles.