Rain Days in Los Angeles, Bring Your Kids to our Indoor Playspace

hot coco copyVoted the best birthday party restaurant in all of Los Angeles, Hugs N’ Giggles is an award winning indoor playspace in Los Angeles where kids can play and parents can relax. Set in a fun and inviting environment Giggles N’ Hugs is the ideal place to bring your child for a day of fun and healthy food when the weather isn’t cooperating. Open every day of the week rain or shine, we also offer hot chocolate for kids to warm their tummies when it’s raining outside.

Come for Our Food and Stay for the Fun

As one of the only restaurants in the area to offer organic, high-end fare and in a cutting edge environment, hosting your birthday party in Los Angeles will be a unique experience for your child that they won’t soon forget.With over 2,000 square feet of space to roam and play, children 10 and under will be wowed the instant that they enter the indoor playspace in Los Angeles. From concerts and magic shows to puppets and all-day activities that include crafts, face painting and karaoke, your child’s birthday party in Los Angeles will be a joyous celebration.

Menu Options Both Kids and Adults Will Enjoy

In addition to Giggles N’ Hugs being a fun and exciting indoor playspace in Los Angeles for your children, they also offer menu items that cater to both children and adults. Using certified organic, high quality ingredients, the meals are prepared fresh each day. The meats are also antibiotic and hormone-free, so you can feel good knowing that your child’s birthday party in Los Angeles is both nutritious and delicious. Menu items include create your own pizzas, pasta dishes, salads, sweet potato fries, fruit skewers and so much more. They also offer sweet treats such as cupcakes, cookie and cake pops.

Deals and Promotions

When you book a semi-private room for your birthday celebration, you can receive a $50 GNH gift card. If you book a private room, you’ll receive a $100 GNH gift card. With El Nino in full swing, become a valued member today and receive 10 percent off food, beverages and merchandise. Members can also enjoy 5 percent off of birthday celebrations at Giggles N’ Hugs.

Make Your Child’s Party a Huge Success

Putting together your child’s birthday party can be a challenge for busy parents. At Giggles N’ Hugs, we take the stress out of the planning and preparation. Our friendly and supportive team of party planners will put together an interactive birthday celebration for your child, and their friends that will make them feel special on their big day.

Thanks to El Nino, Giggles N Hugs just got a little cozier!

On top of being open every day of the week rain or shine, Giggles N’ Hugs also offers free Hot Chocolate for kids when it’s is raining.